Dear Maestra friends and family,

What an exciting month! The Cuban and U.S. embassies are both set to open this week and part of our team will be present at the Washington DC event this morning, July 20th!

As we celebrate the summer we are looking forward to a full fall. We have screenings in NC, NYC and Ohio this fall, including one with Staughton & Alice Lynd and one in Oxford, Ohio, where the SNCC Freedom School orientation was held in 1964. Staughton and Alice are leaders in the struggles for justice and Staughton was on of the directors of the 1964 Mississippi Freedom Schools.   We are excited about the ways they will connect the lessons from Maestra to the current day work for education justice in the US.

Cuban psychologist and Literacy volunteer Norma Guillard, featured in Maestra , will travel to the US to present the film at several of the October screenings, including Columbia University Teachers’ College on Oct 12th. Screening time and locations will go onto our website as soon as they become available.

We still have requests coming in for screenings in the fall and spring and are delighted to continue sharing this story!

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Un Abrazo,

Catherine Murphy and the Maestra Team

In July we were at the American Library Association Conference with Un Año sin Domingos. We were happy to share a table with Cubana Books and author Margot Pepper and Charles Prickett. Our book is now available through Teaching for Change Books.

Upcoming Screenings!

This fall Maestra will be screening in Ohio, NC and NYC! 

  • October 1 – Youngstown, Ohio with Staughton & Alice Lynd
  • October 5  – Oxford, Ohio
  • October 8  – Salem College North Carolina
  • October 11  – Washington DC Teaching for Change Fundraiser
  • October 12  – Columbia University Teachers College
  • October 13  – CUNY Graduate Center
  • October 15  – Columbia University Institute for Latin American Studies
  • Democracy Now!

    Catherine shares her insights on how changes in U.S.- Cuban relations impact organic farms in Cuba.

    The Issues:

    Education | Social Justice | Cuba

    Before ‘Brown v. Board,’ Mendez Fought California’s Segregated Schools. NPR talks to Sylvia Mendez about the fight for integrated education in Los Angeles in the 1940’s, listen here:

    Arts at the Heart of Curriculum

    The expressive arts will be one of six areas of learning and experience that will take the place of traditional subjects as Wales approves a radical overhaul of its curriculum. Read more

    Francis Ford Coppola visits
    the International Film School in Cuba

    Coppola visit as part of the opening in US – Cuban relations. Read More (spanish)

    Gloria Rolando on Afro-Cuban Culture

    Beautiful interview about Afro-Cuban-Caribbean history  with leading Cuban filmmaker Gloria Rolando, who was one of our  wise advisors for Maestra.

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