about us

Is a documentary oral history project that collects
personal testimonies about literacy

Our work lifts up the stories of those who are teaching literacy to others or are struggling to achieve literacy themselves.  We use documentary storytelling to connect with and strengthen present-day movements for literacy and education justice.

We believe that literacy is a fundamental social justice and human rights issue, essential for a healthy and dignified society and a fully functioning democracy. We are especially concerned with the intersection of race, class and gender as it relates to literacy: who is literate and who is not, and how literacy can be brought to all.

Through a variety of media and documentation methodologies, we are creating an archive of personal stories related to literacy and social justice and the role of literacy programs in social justice movements throughout the Americas.


We promote the notion that literacy is possible for all, through multimedia oral history and documentary projects that archive and share stories of literacy, with a particular emphasis on the roles of literacy programs in social justice movements throughout the Americas. By documenting and sharing stories of those who we can learn from and apply those lessons to our currents struggles for justice.


We envision a world in which all people have access to quality education, a voice in their community, and understand their power to transform their lives and world.



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